November 29, 2020
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Build Lasting Memories With A Fisher Price Tea Set

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Toys are an integral part of any child's growth and there is a wide variety of toys that are sure to give them joy. One type of toy that always brings fun and enjoyment to little kids is the classic children's tea set. You can give your child the most basic cup and saucer set, or buy the most finely-detailed tea set you can find such as a Fisher Price tea set. Either way, your child will surely treasure the tea set for many years and build lots of memories with it.

What makes a tea set special is not just the fun and enjoyment that children get from playing with it, but the cognitive and motor skills that they develop from it as well. Tea sets are commonly used when children indulge in role-playing and make-believe activities. Little girls often like to pretend that they are mothers and serve tea to their dolls who take the role of kids. Little boys, on the other hand, like to play chef and they are often the ones who prepare the "food" for the tea party. These activities are a great help in developing children's imagination as well as in enhancing their ability to interact with others.

There is an endless array of choices when it comes to children's tea sets. The best route would be to choose a set that will not only encourage your children to create more inventive games, but also one that is sure to last a long time. A Fisher Price tea set will definitely be a good buy, since this company is known to manufacture robust and well-constructed toys for children. This type of product is made from a strong plastic material that has been proven to withstand the rough play of toddlers. And they come in a rainbow of bright colors that will surely catch your child's interest.

One of their best-sellers is the musical tea set that emits magic pouring sounds when tipped over and delivers a tea time tune when the teapot lid is pressed. Your little one will surely enjoy the jolly music and pretty pastel-colored designs on this set. It comes with the teapot, four cups, saucers, and spoons as well as a creamer and a sugar bowl with lid. All of these fit perfectly onto a sturdy tray and built-in teapot stand.

Another Fisher Price tea set that is popular with many moms is the Say Please tea set. It is perfect for toddlers who are just beginning to learn about sounds and shapes. There are three settings that make playtime with this set always interesting. With the Imagination Mode, the teapot breaks into various sound effects every time you open the lid or pour a cup of tea. In the Music Mode, musical tunes come out as you open the lid and songs come to life as you touch the tea bag. Best of all is the Learning Mode, which teaches your child about opposites as you open and close the lid and teaches basic manners with the word "please" when you pour tea.

Pretend play is truly one of the best ways to teach your child the basics of etiquette, interaction, and manners, among other things. A Fisher Price tea set is one great tool for such an activity and it is known to be kid-tested and mother-approved. Once you have the perfect tea set, you and your children can start building memories that are sure to last.


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