November 15, 2020
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An Overview Of The Toy Tea Set

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Tea sets have always been popular toys for children throughout the years. There is a certain magic in the idea of having tea with family and friends, and the activity is one of the best ways to enhance a child's imagination. Giving your children their very own tea set toys will definitely add to their pleasure in this role-playing game.

Toy tea sets were first made for royal children back in the 1500s. They were made of either copper or pewter and were almost exclusively exported from Germany for several centuries. Towards the middle of the 1800s, the manufacturing process for tableware became significantly easier and cheaper, and children's tea sets were finally made affordable for the general population with its introduction in the Universal Exhibition of 1855.

Right after the Civil War, materials such as Bakelite and celluloid began to be used in making children's toys and plastic tea sets increased in popularity. Manufacturers turned to plastic because it is very affordable and easy to mold. It is, in fact, the perfect material for the mass production of children's tea sets. Today, most tea set toys are made from either plastic or porcelain. Antique and vintage-style copper or pewter tea sets have become collector's items and may now command very high prices.

Children's tea sets generally have a very wide price range. There are plastic tea sets that you can get for less than five dollars and there are those that come in special baskets and command prices of more than a hundred dollars. More than the price, the durability and safety of the product should be your primary concerns when buying a tea set for your child.

Some tea sets are for display purposes only. These sets are often made from lead-based materials, so you should not buy them for your kids to play with. If your child intends to use the set for actually drinking liquids and not just for pretend play then it would be best to buy a china tea set because most plastic sets are not meant to hold hot or cold liquids. Just make sure that the set is always used with adult supervision in order to prevent accidents causing breakage.

Tea sets usually come with a teapot, cups & saucers, a sugar bowl, and creamer. There are also those that come with dessert plates, a tea tray, linens, utensils, and a carrying case. China tea sets are especially valuable, as they can become heirlooms to be handed down from each generation. Pretend play is an important part of any child's development, which is why tea sets will definitely continue to be popular in the years to come.

Tea set toys are perfect for children aged between three and ten. Whether they spend it with family and friends or with their favorite dolls and teddy bears, whether they have real food or are simply pretending, your child will surely enjoy being the hostess of their own tea party. There is something about this type of pretend play that truly captures the imagination and makes it memorable for children and adults alike.


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