May 14, 2020
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A Baby Travel Packing List for the Uninitiated

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The first question upon reading the headline may be: Why bother with a baby travel packing list. Why not just pack a week's worth of baby stuff?

The answer is simply that it is difficult to foresee everything you might need on a trip with a baby. You probably won't need most of the extra stuff you'll be packing, but if you do need it, you'll dread the idea of going without it.

Baby Travel Packing List Part One: The Obvious Stuff

Okay, so you are probably going to need plenty of diapers, formula, baby food, pacifiers, some changes of clothes, and so on, right? Pack all that stuff, but pack one and a half to two times as much as you think you need.

You'll want to bring everything you need to make your baby comfortable and mobile during your trip. Certainly, take the carseat as well as your baby's favorite sling or carrier, plus a stroller that is compact and collapses easily.

You especially won't want to skimp on diapers. Pack lots of wipes, as well, as they are great for tidying up and washing sticky hands. A small bottle of hand sanitizer is bound to come in handy, as well.

You'll want to make sure you have plenty of snacks for your children, as well as some protein-based snacks for you. I always stash a bag of raw nuts in my bag. Sometimes, if I have been too busy to eat, these are exactly what I need to get me through to the next time I can sit down for a minute. Walnuts, cashews, and pecans are ideal. Trail mix is great for this, too.

A note on formula and traveling by plane: As of the time of this writing, airports will not allow people to bring more than three ounces of a liquid on a plane in their carry-on luggage. They may make an exception for baby formula, but don't count on it. It's best to bring powdered formula and mix it with warm water on board. The flight attendant should be willing to provide bottled water and warm it up for you.

Baby Travel Packing List Part Two: The Not So Obvious Stuff

Obviously, you can ignore some of this stuff if it doesn't apply to your travel plans, but don't skip on anything else.

* Loads of Entertainment

Whatever your baby's age, she is going to get really, really bored on long car rides or plane trips. Try to schedule travel around your baby's nap or sleep time, but don't count on it working out perfectly. Bring toys, coloring books (if your child is approaching toddler age), and whatever else your child loves to play with. You might want to surprise her with some new toys just for the trip, too.

* Children's Passport

Don't forget that all babies (even newborns) need passports before they can fly internationally.

* A First Aid Kit

Throw your entire baby medicine cabinet in your bag, including rubbing alcohol and band-aids for little scrapes, and make sure your baby is properly vaccinated before taking off. We all have an immunity built up to local bugs and viruses, but traveling long distances can introduce the immune system to brand new diseases. Be prepared. Tell your doctor where you're going and request the requisite vaccines.

* Something to Read

This one's for you. A lot of the time spent traveling with a baby is going to be dedicated to soothing your child's stress from the constant changes. Babies can enjoy traveling, but it's stressful nonetheless, so you may want to have a book at the ready for long stretches of cuddling and napping.


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