September 18, 2020
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A Guide To Moshi Monster Toys

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If you're trying to find out which toys are the most popular then you can't fail to have heard about Moshi Monsters.Moshi Monsters combine real life toys with online gameplay. Kids and their parents can go to the Moshi Monsters' website and adopt a monster. The name, features and other characteristics are customizable in order to make each monster as unique as your child. Every day, kids can solve puzzles and play games to help their monsters grow and stay happy. The more you play, the more the monster grows, increases levels and wins prizes. There is also monitored contact with other players so kids can play with other children around the world. Aside from the online aspect, there are many Moshi Monster toys to play with in the real world. Here you will get a guide to the Moshi Monsters toys. Moshi Monster Toy Packs and CodesThere are three types of toy packs you can get, one comes with two toys in a sealed foil package with a prize code, three Moshi Monsters (two visible and one is a surprise) plus a secret code and the other option are five packs that also come with secret code cards. There is more than one series of toys available and the Moshi Monsters are on series three. The two packs start out at around $5 and you can find the five packs from anywhere between $8 and $11. Many independent sellers are throwing together mixed lots of the toys, but they usually do not come with prize codes. One vendor sells 10 random Moshi Monsters from different series for about $16.Collectable TinsThere are two sets of the collectable tins, one is the Rox version and there is also a gold tin set. Both sets come with the tin container, 8 Moshi Monsters and one prize code card. The gold set's Moshi Monsters are actually gold in color and there are two series available. The Rox edition are a transparent gel-like material with vibrant colors and sparkles. The Rox edition has only come out with one series.PlaysetsEvery monster needs a place to play and a place to call home and Moshi Monsters are no different. There are four different Moshi Monster play sets.Tree House: The front of the tree house has two balconies and a place to sleep seven monsters in its branches. On the reverse side, there is a working basket elevator, a door that opens into a living room area and two tree house bedrooms. This set also comes with a Rox Moshi Monster that is selected at random.Monster House: This one bedroom house is perfect for a small collection of Moshis. Unlike the tree house, this set comes with a lot of extra accessories, including a prize code. The set is put out by Duplo, so kids can actually build the house they way they want and even build the figurine that comes along with it. Duplo also puts out other Moshi Monster sets such as Oh La Lane, Bizarre Bazaar, a Grossery Store, a garden and a seed set.Similar customizable sets for Moshi Monsters include mini-zoos, an Ice Scream parlor, and Bot's house.Other Ways to PlayIf the online world, playsets and monster figures aren't enough for your child, you can get even more Moshi Monster playtime in with the following:Amazing Dash Board Game: This game uses colorforms and is perfect for children ages five and up. The game is fairly simple, but can accommodate up to six players. The first player to collect all the Moshi Monsters wins!Nintendo DS: Moshi Monsters have two Nintendo DS games and a handful of accompanying accessories. Moshling Zoo comes for Nintendo DS and Moshlings Theme Park comes for Nintendo DS and also Nintendo 3DS. There are simple stylus packs that features specific characters and more accessory packs that come with seven different pieces including a case for the DS console. You can also buy stickers, or decals, to cover the game consoles and carrying cases in the shapes of monsters or with featured monsters on the outside.Gift Island Puzzle Playset: Also made with colorforms, this 100 piece puzzle is targeted for older kids, ages seven and up. The set also comes with an additional 25 colorforms to use and play with on top of the finished puzzle.Other Gift IdeasIf you need some smaller gift ideas you can also look into Moshi Monster rings and cupcake toppers, plush monsters by Beanie babies, squishable Mash 'em Moshis, books and guides on how to collect and play with Moshi Monsters or even zip clips, Moshis that attach to any zipper pull.Now that you have read a guide to Moshi Monsters, you have no reason not be able to pick up that perfect gift. These are hot sellers, so you can't really go wrong!


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