April 28, 2020
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5 Most Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Kid's Room Without Spending Too Much

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Your kid's bedroom is his/her haven. This is the place to relax, study, sleep and imagine. A kid's room should be stimulating and pleasant so that he/she will enjoy every minute of activity or rest. Of course as a parent, you only want what's best for your kid. Don't let your short budget tie you down because there are many creative ideas to decorate your kid's room using a practical and cost-effective approach.

The first thing you should consider before you start decorating and adding things into your kid's room is how much money and time you have. If you have enough to cover on labor costs, it is also practical to be strict on the completion date. For the budget-conscious and hands-on parent, you may want to consider doing the project yourself to maximize your budget on the materials you will need. It is also a good way to involve the entire family to make your kid's room more special.

The second thing to do before starting your project is to look for the latest colors, styles and designs on decorating magazine or websites. Don't be deterred if you see the price tag of the rooms you will use as inspiration for your kid's room because you can always alter, improvise and personalize according to your kid's taste and your budget.

Here are 5 most creative ideas to decorate your kid's room without busting your wallet:

(1) Use colors to paint your kid's room

The cost of paint is okay on the budget and by doing the job yourself, you can cut down the extras. If your kid tells you that he/she loves red, blue, pink or orange, consider these suggestions and play around with the hues to complement the rest of the items needed for the room. You can search the internet for faster results and based on your kid's color preferences, you may find a few options to use as inspiration for the entire project.

Don't be surprised to see brightly-colored rooms on the net with reds, blues, oranges, yellows, greens and pinks. These are designed and decorated by professionals based on the preferences of kids' nowadays. If you want to tone down on the brighter shades, you may do so without leaving your kid's idea behind.

(2) Get useful furniture

The price of kids' furniture depends on the brand and materials. The important thing is to look for quality furnishings that offer functionality. You can always spruce it up by painting it according to the base color of your kid's room.

Make sure you get your kid a bed that he/she can use for a long time, a dresser or closet, cabinet or shelves for toys and books, a study table and chair. Other types of furniture can be added later if you have spare cash, but for the meantime it is best to concentrate on getting these items first since they are necessary.

(3) Add practical, yet functional accessories

You can add practical accessories such as a lamp shade for your kid's study table, a corkboard for all his/her artwork, a couple of wooden picture frames to hang on the wall, a mirror for dressing up, curtains for windows and wall hangers for jackets and bags. These are not expensive and yet they are decorative and functional.

(4) Avoid using signature or branded bed sets

It is truly nice to see those brightly colored kids' bed sets on the internet and magazines. But they do come with a huge price tag. As mentioned earlier, you can always use what you see as inspiration for your project and it doesn't have to be an exact replica.

You can get affordable kids' bed sets, comforters, bed sheets, pillows and cases, and blankets from flea markets or bazaars. Or you can go your nearest home and appliance store to check out the best deals for these items. If you want to buy online, you may do so and you could be lucky if you find huge price slashes.

(5) Use what you have for your kid's room

This is the most practical approach if you have a project like this. If you are planning to decorate your youngest kid's room, you can always salvage your older kids' furniture and accessories to pass down to the youngsters. Repainting, sprucing and reconstructing larger furniture can be done to adapt the smaller space and its new occupant. And adding up new items such as bed sets, repainting the entire room and a few accessories can bring in new light to the older ones.

Sticking to the practical approach of decorating your kid's room will leave you more spare change than you'll imagine. It is a great way to save and to add up future items if you use these creative ideas to decorate your kid's room.


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