August 17, 2020
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5 Keys to Collecting Vintage Barbie Dolls

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When starting your classic Barbie doll collection, it's usually tricky to understand the ropes. Unprincipled traders, contradictory information and limited facts can definitely make it challenging to climb the learning curve. No matter, the ultimate way to get started is to dive in, but before you commence touring yard sales, antique stores and neighborhood flea markets to find your first vintage Barbie doll, here are some suggestions that will increase your pleasure while decreasing the prospect of expensive mistakes.

Vintage Barbies: Like Fine Wine

Vintage Barbie Dolls are those which were produced before 1972, and so the date that a Barbie was manufactured is vital to figure out its value. Prior to wasting a substantial amount of time or energy on any Barbie doll, be sure to examine the date of the copyright. Naturally, the date will show the age and worth of the doll. Usually, you'll find that vintage Barbie dolls that happen to be worth the most possess markings with "1958" or "Japan" stamped at the rear end or it's marked at the bottom of one of the feat. Keep in mind that vintage Barbie dolls are like fine wine, they get more valuable with age.

Traditional Barbie Dolls: It's All About Quality

By far the most important factors in Barbie value is the over-all condition of the Barbie doll. Traditional Barbie dolls are getting more precious as the years go by and dolls in decent condition have gotten progressively scarce. Vintage dolls often exhibit discoloration, neck splits, body splits, matted hair, chipping lips, damaged texture and more, so it's important to thoroughly assess the condition of the doll. The materials used in the construction of the vintage Barbie dolls were not the most suitable, so it's expected to see a few problems but obtaining vintage dolls with minimal issues is prefered. Lastly, if a vintage doll is in very poor condition you can also consider buying the doll for parts too.

It's Not Just the Vintage Barbie Doll: Get the Accessories

When assessing vintage Barbie dolls it's not only the doll, but the supplemental accessories will also be crucial. Barbie clothing, outfits, shoes and even packaging can make or break the value of an item. Consequently, informed collectors recognize that by paying attention to the existence and condition of all of the Barbie doll extras can mean big money. Some study on the classic Barbie styles and clothes will put you in a decent position to reap the benefits of selecting a doll with some rare extras.

Locate a Lottery Ticket with Metal Tubes

If you're lucky enough to discover a vintage Barbie doll which includes metal tubes incorporated into her feet, you may be studying an original Barbie doll. The initial Barbies were manufactured with very distinct facial features, dark eye make-up, hair styles and metal tubes in their feet. The rarest among all of the Barbies, the initial doll displays stock #850 plus the tubes, which were employed to assist the doll to stand upright on a stand that came with the first doll. Both doll and stand are exceedingly rare and valued by collectors.

The Vintage Barbie Doll Brand: Mattel

Finding the Mattel brand is very important, so be sure that any Barbie doll that you're looking at is plainly labeled as being manufactured by Mattel. This is an important guideline; there are a lot of counterfeits and replicas that newbie collectors can easily mistake as a true Barbie doll, so hunt for the Mattel, Inc. brand to stay out of trouble.

Collecting the classic Barbie dolls can be quite a fun and lucrative hobby, but it's easy to come across pitfalls. Applying these 5 steps will let you avoid errors and make sound decisions that will help you successfully grow your collection.


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