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Preordering at Automaton Toys is simple and makes sure you will get an item rather than wait for it to be in stock and maybe miss it at the release. 

All items available for preorder are tagged with the button 'Preorder' and can be found on our front page or in the 'Preorder' section of our website. Of course, you can also use our powerful in-store search tool to find a particular item. 


How to preorder?

When a preorder item is in your cart, simply go through the step-by-step process:

-Choose a shipping method: you can choose the 'Put item in OOH' (provided you have already started an OOH with us, please see our front banner for more details on the OOH service) or the 'Flat Rate' option for your shipping method (if you would like this item to be shipped alone when in stock).

-How would like to pay? Please click the 'Preorder' button if you don't want to pay for your preorder now. We will send you an email to claim payment for the item(s) 2-3 weeks prior to its arrival at our warehouse. But you can also choose 'Paypal' or 'Credit Card' if you want to pay for your preorder immediately.

After the checkout process you will receive, moments later, an email confirmation for your preorder, with order number and details. Your order can always be viewed in your account under the 'View Order Status' section in your account.


How to pay for a preorder?

If your preorder was not paid at the moment of placing your initial preoder, we will  send you a detailed Paypal invoice to claim payment for the item(s) 2-3 weeks before it arrives at our warehouse. You can of course also pay upfront for a preorder at the moment of placing it on our website: you can either pay via a credit card or Paypal.



Thanks for reading and happy shopping!