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MP-36 Megatron 2nd update!

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Various sources have reported some aspects to be cautious about when handling MP-36 Megatron:

1.Putting the fusion cannon on the arm could cause paint chipping.

2.Attaching the silencer seems to be causing paint chipping on many figures and could potentially break the nozzle.

3.Swinging the hips to form the handle could break the legs if not done properly.

4.To a lesser extent, some accessories could have been forgotten and/or duplicated by the factory when packaging the figures.

We will do our best to provide missing accessories but we might not be able to provide replacement parts for broken/mishandled parts.

We encourage you to follow the instructions and transformation steps carefully when handling your figure.

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Update on Masterpiece Megatron

Hi everyone!As some of you must know, MP Megatron has started to make it's way to online retailers and ours will be in stock soon. You'll be glad to know that I have received confirmation this week that our shipment won't have the orange plug affixed to the figure.  Since we have had a lot of [...]

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New items coming soon!

Hi everyone!Just a quick one to let you know that a few new items are coming soon: Badcube Grump, Beast Gorira and DNA DK-02 add on kit for Fortress Maximus as well.All of them should arrive in early April.Have a nice week!Jasmin

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Shipment delay.

Good evening everyone, UPS has informed me that due to the massive snow storm the province has received, the shipment that contains MP Grapple and Cheetor and Maketoys Contactshot will be delayed by a couple of days.  The exact arrival date is not known yet but I will update this page when the info becomes available.My [...]

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Awaiting shipment for...

Hi everyone!I hope everything is good wherever you are!Just a friendly reminder that some hot items are coming soon!First of them is the long awaited Fans Toys Grinder, the last of the Iron Dibots!  According to our shipment's tracking number, we should be receiving it on monday march 6th!Next in line are Takara-Tomy's Masterpiece Cheetor [...]

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Upcoming figures and new items in stock!

Hi everyone!I hope everyone out there is doing great!We have had a lot on our plates in the last couple of weeks!  The arrival (at last!!!) of the PHENOMENAL Fans Toys Sovereing, MP Soundwave, our first batch of Kultur, and Toyworld's Coneheads as well as many Takara-Tomy LG serie Bots and Cons...  The part I [...]

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Update on FansToys Sovereign

Happy monday morning everyone, I would like to inform you all of a delay in our reception of Fans Toys Sovereign.The payment for this item to our distributor has been processed only after the beginning of the Chinese New Year, hence the delay. I have been informed over the weekend that our shipment will leave the [...]

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No shipping between saturday February 4th and sunday, February 12th.

Hello everyone, I'm taking 5 minutes of your time to inform you that there will be no shipping of items between the dates mentionned above.  Everything will be back to normal on monday, February 13th.Thanks for your understanding and continued support, Jasmin

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Big changes in 2016!!!

Hi everyone! Bonjour à tous!A big wind of change is coming towards Automaton Toys. Indeed, starting this week, a new owner will take the reigns of your beloved e-store and I'm passing the torch after 7 years of entrepreneurship. I'm proud and excited to introduce you to Jasmin, the coolest guy on this earth. [...]

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Hasbro Fans Voted Combiner Wars Set Victorion...IN STOCK and ready to ship now!!

Hi everyone!As the title says, Automaton Toys is the first North American e-store to offer to its customers the exclusive Fan Voted Combiner Wars set, all fembots, Victorion! Check our In Stock section to grab this soon-to-be-elusive set while supply last!!Have a nice day,Mario

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