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About us


Welcome to our store!  Automaton Toys is offering imported products mainly from Asia; figures that a customer will not find in conventional large stores or even in specialty stores. Automaton Toys is in business since 2008 and is an e-store exclusive boutique. 


About our name:

Automaton (au-to-ma-ton) [L,fr. Gk, neut. of automatos] (1645)

'Automaton' is actually an old french word that describes a mechanism that is relatively self-operating; esp: ROBOT. Or a machine or control mechanism designed to follow automatically a predetermined sequence of operations or respond to encoded instructions.


Our commitment:

We will do the impossible to give you the most AWESOME service you may find around, by answering your requests and by processing, packaging and sending your items with lightning speed...and with the utmost care at the same time. 

Come and visit us on a daily basis: we often have some astonishing offers and great deals. Those promotions are always front-paged or can be found in our Great Deals! section. You can also subscribe to our Newsletter and get some of these offers before anyone else!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question about our store or our products at: